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Photographed by: Morat Photography

Laura Byrnes California Pencil Skirt in Moon Maiden Print

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Whether she is waxing or waning you’ll always have a Moon Maiden watching over you. No retro wardrobe is complete without the classic pencil skirt, and now you can have a heavenly body while wearing these magical Moon Maidens, in a print created by Pinup Girl Model, Body positive activist and Artist Rhapsody Artajo. This magical skirt has a curve-hugging silhouette with a waist flattering 2" wide yoke and a provocative 10" back slit and is finished off with a back zip. Constructed in a Midnight Grey sateen, you can pair this enchanting Moon Maiden skirt with a Jane Top from Laura Byrnes California for chic, office friendly fashion or for a more date friendly outfit, the Swann top will heighten your celestial mood.
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