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Photographed by: Jason Tidwell

Cocktail Dish Hat Fascinator in Black and White with Feather

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This dish style, vintage-inspired hat is a real head-turner with its bullseye pattern, unique shape, and feather accent. Attached to a large comb, but also with an elastic band for ease of wear.
Item: js-4400-bkwt

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(Posted on 9/22/2015)

Futureistic Fab
Fit and Comfort
I saw this hat and absolutely had to have it. I love it. It is so easy to wear, easy to add into almost any hair style. With the comb, it holds tight while you dance the night away!
I never wear it without getting some compliments, which is always a nice bonus to feeling fabulous!
It's just the right size for this type of hat. Just small enough to be a fascinator and a ladylike accessory. Just large enough to cover any sins committed when trying to get the perfect hair!


(Posted on 7/1/2015)

Fantasticly retro!
Fit and Comfort
I love this hat. I have a few Vintage ones but this in my first modern made vintage designed hat. I purchased this hat for a 40's themed event and I was not disappointed, it paired perfectly with my grass green dress. I got tons of compliments and turned a few heads walking down the street in Downtown Los Angeles. (wish I could post a pic)

Structurally - the hat arrived with the bow and feather detached, but this was probably due to heatwave we are experiencing as the package sat on my door step for the better part of the day until I got home. It was matter of a few stitches to make the bow solid and 3 tabs of hot glue to put it back in place. I figure it may come off again in the future as hot glue doesn't really adhere to this kind of woven hat. But it's a easy enough fix so it's not a deterrent to me for this purchase.

I found the comb to be strong enough to hold the hat in place as long as I put it through a portion of my hair that had been pinned up. The elastic may be helpful for some but it was no good for me so I simply pined it up out of my way. In the future I may add some fascinator clips I happen to have to add a little more stability.

I wish the price was a bit less as this really is more of a fascinator than a an actual hat, $26 would have been great.

All in all I'm very happy with this purchase and can't wait to wear it again, maybe for Dapper Day at Disneyland next spring.


(Posted on 4/14/2015)

Wear it and be Wonderful!
Fit and Comfort
What is it about a hat that attracts so much attention? Every time I wear this hat I get so many compliments and attention. I think it's just that people rarely wear hats anymore, and certainly not one as pretty as this.

This hat has a little comb on the top to attach it, but you really have to use the elastic band (I wear it around the back of my head) to hold it in place securely. It's not super comfy, but not bad either, and you don't want your hat falling off your head all day.

This hat, or really it's a large fascinator, sits jauntily atop your head, and gives you an air of mystery. It's really lovely and goes with many things. Perfect for weddings, Disney Dapper Days, Easter, or brunch with the girls.

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